Open Dates (for active courses)

We understand that acquiring new customers over the internet or optimizing your daily Revenue is important to the Hospitality Industry. Now, you can effectively strategize and apply powerful digital marketing & Revenue Management tools that convert in the Hotel & Tourism Sector. Think Ahead and join our courses designed for the Hospitality Industry that will enable you to set a footprint to your roadmap for business success.

The courses are subject to the LAEK 0.24 subsidy for businesses. Those interested in the online course must submit the application for inclusion in the information system of LAEK 0.24, 10 calendar days before the start of the program. Those interested in the classroom mode must submit the application for inclusion 5 calendar days before.

11th round Revenue Management Online Mode: Starts: 5th of December 2022 (Course delivery in Greek / Teaching Material in English)

6th round DMP/H Online Mode: Starts: Oct - Nov 2022 (New on Demand Courses available to choose per subject)